Look Fotografía is a team of dedicated professional photographers.

We are creative, young and dynamic and we always look for an updated photography style. 

Our final product captures your important date in a great new perspective creating unforgettable memories.

We perform many different styles and we follow all new fashion trends to create and complement our work.

The result is a unique and personalized product you won´t find anywhere else.

You can get to know us a little better down here...





Nacho Mora Look FotografiaNacho Mora Look Fotografia


Nacho Mora

Nacho is one of the founders of Look Fotografía.  

Nacho comes from working in Marketing for large french companies but he had a dream ... 
he wanted to be a photographer to create beautiful images of people that would not go out of style, 
so that when your children could see them, they could imagine exactly what a great day that was like. 
Today, Look Fotografía is a worldwide reference but 
Nacho is still working as one of the photographers of the company. 
He creates very beautiful portraits, photojournalistic moments and his creativity is a strong part of his brand. 
What continues to move him is to create beautiful memories of everyone at the wedding, 
not only for the bride and groom to enjoy but for the upcoming 
generations that one day will look at these classic images.




Vinny Labella Look FotografiaVinny Labella Look Fotografia

Vinny Labella

Vinny is also one of the founders in Look Fotografía.  

She is very creative and is always experimenting with new ideas in wedding photography. 
 Just like Nacho, she loves to capture spontaneous moments that happen 
on the wedding day but her incredibly visionary and 
quick mind makes her see and create things on the fly that end up being unparalleded works of art.
Her biggest inspiration is Cinema!  Vinny was born an artist. 
Her artistic vision has been present from her very young years in all kinds of different forms.

She gets people very excited with her wonderful images that you all can see in our Look Fotografía portfolio!




Raul Pageo Look FotografiaRaul Pageo Look Fotografia

Raúl  Pageo

Raúl is a photographer with a professional background of more than 20 years. 
He began to work in photography with reel, and has a high understanding of light. 

He studied Film, and always seeks to give an original, 
cinematic touch to his images based on his background

For Raúl, free flow, creativity and fun are the most important requirements to be able
 to make the wonderful images you see in Look Fotografía.




Carlos Luna Look FotografiaCarlos Luna Look Fotografia


Carlos Luna

Carlos has been doing bridal photography for over 10 years. 
What he likes the most is to take photos of people, that's why weddings is one of its strengths. 

He is always prepared to pick up all the great and small moments that happen at the wedding. 
He loves to take photos of the children as they remind him of his daughter.  

Pure photojournalism with an artistic nuance is what you can see in his photos for Look Fotografía.




Pilar Cuartero Look FotografiaPilar Cuartero Look Fotografia

Pilar Cuartero

Our youngest team member!  
She loves travel photography and has an adventurous spirit. 
In the last of her travels she climbed the impresive Kilimanjaro at almost 6000 meters of altitude!  

Pilar studied 3 years of Digital Photography and for her,
 the camera is an extension of her arm. 
She is always attentive to everything happening at the wedding, 
and looks for different angles from where she captures all the important moments during your big day.  
Creativity and Photojournalism go hand in hand with Pilar to capture the kind of images you see on the website.