Asian Wedding Photographer California

Asian Wedding Photographer California
We had a wonderful evening with this couple, Mark & ​​Lise.

The sun was shining and we enjoyed this session together in California.

San Francisco showed us all its wonders, the beach and of course the most famous bridge in San Francisco.

Here are some pictures ...


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WPJA members agreed that being a calming presence is important, saying that one of the goals of the wedding photojournalist is to make sure that the photographer and photographs are at least two things that the couple does not need to worry about on their wedding day. It’s a good idea to get a feel for the atmosphere of the wedding, and while it’s sometimes appropriate to engage in conversation with guests, it’s important to know when to slip away into the background and simply capture the scene with a longer lens if there is a more private moment occurring.

Furthermore, by keeping a lower profile, the wedding photojournalist does not risk simply adding to the chaos. Capture what needs to be captured, but try to do so while drawing as little attention to yourself as possible. Our members have suggested using some restraint while shooting the ceremony so as not to disrupt it, but recommend taking a lot of shots during the reception, using both wide and long lenses, as the reception is a more relaxed environment where the photographer can move through the crowd more easily without being noticed.
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Award-winning WPJA members have spoken about their own experiences photographing such sensitive moments, recalling fathers who seemed to be showing no emotion all day and then suddenly broke during the reception, or during their first dance with their daughter. It’s important to stay on the lookout for these moments, as a guest who has been particularly guarded all day may suddenly surprise you when they reveal their raw emotions, and you don’t want to miss out on capturing that change. If you exist in the moment and use a bit of empathy, these opportune photos are less likely to elude you, as being able to understand the people you are photographing will enable you to be in the right place at the right time.

The experience of family and friends crying tears of joy for the people they love and care about is moving and can happen at any time. Even, perhaps, during more formal moments when people are typically expected to keep their emotions reined in, such as during the signing of the ketubah, the marriage contract used in Jewish weddings. Displays of tears and emotion during these unexpected moments are particularly touching and often reveal what parents and family members are thinking, or the realization they’re being hit with; that their child is grown up now.
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At any given wedding, there are an infinite number of these moments that pass us by.

Some hold in place longer than others; some come and go in the blink of an eye.

It is through such fleeting details that some wedding photojournalists earn their keep.

With a professional eye honed through years of visual training and practice, they constantly scan the wedding scene, searching for that close-focus moment that is sure to pop up next.

Combine that eye with hands that possess enough dexterity to react in an instant, and you have a premier wedding photojournalist who can freeze these wedding day details forever, preserving a moment in time that memory alone could not possibly hold.

It is a skill that, while not always appreciated, is second nature to photographers with an eye for details on the move.

They remain on constant alert for unique imagery, anticipate when the best moment will pass, and then pounce on the opportunity.

These three key traits ensure that fleeting memories can be bottled in a photograph.
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I used to be a wedding photographer for about 9 years. I worked part-time but still came in contact with a lot of brides inquiring about my services. Often times when I asked for their photography budget, they responded with, "Oh, I don't know what wedding photography costs!"

There are so many blog articles about this out there but I feel like they lack real information. So I am hoping that brides will read this and look at the data I collected and go forward with more of an understanding as they look for and hire their wedding photographer.

So how much should you spend on your wedding photography?

The answer is: as much as you're willing to spend.

You'll come across a wide range of different prices that photographers charge and there is so much depth as to why they charge those prices.

On top of the amount of work goes into photographing an event and editing post-wedding, there are also other things that go into pricing such as the cost of doing business and the years of experience the photographer has.

A great and experienced photographer will know what to do when things don't go as planned, they will know how to handle tough situations, and they'll know how to properly photograph your wedding and get all those shots you need.
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