What is a wedding in Iceland like?


Iceland Mountains Wedding PhotographersIceland Mountains Wedding Photographers

A wedding in Iceland can be a unique and unforgettable experience due to the country's stunning natural scenery and rich cultural traditions. Here's a brief description of what a wedding in Iceland might be like:

  1. Ceremony Location: Many weddings take place outdoors in Iceland, surrounded by the country's incredible natural landscapes such as glaciers, waterfalls, and volcanoes. The ceremony might take place on a black sand beach, in a secluded valley, or in a charming rural church.


  1. Dress: Traditional Icelandic weddings often involve the bride wearing a long-sleeved, high-necked gown known as a "krossfata" and a headdress made of silver or gold. The groom may wear a woolen vest called a “geldingadalsbúningur."


  1. Food and Drink: Icelandic cuisine is a big part of the wedding experience, with traditional dishes like smoked salmon, lamb, and "hangikjöt" (smoked lamb) often served. Many weddings also feature "brennivín," a strong Icelandic schnapps, and "köldskál," a chilled buttermilk soup.


  1. Entertainment: Traditional Icelandic music, often featuring fiddles and accordions, is a common choice for wedding entertainment. Some couples might also incorporate traditional Icelandic folk dancing into their celebration.


  1. Guest Activities: Iceland is known for its incredible outdoor activities, so many wedding guests may take advantage of the opportunity to go hiking, horseback riding, or even ice caving before or after the wedding festivities.


Overall, a wedding in Iceland is likely to be a memorable and unique experience that incorporates the country's natural beauty and rich cultural traditions.