What's a Wedding in South Korea like?

Look FotografiaLook Fotografia A Korean Wedding typically follows a traditional ceremony that has been passed down through generations. Here's a general description of what a wedding in Korea is like:

Pre-wedding preparations:

Before the wedding, the couple typically goes through several traditional rituals and ceremonies. These may include a formal engagement ceremony (chinye), a pre-wedding ritual (pyebaek), and a bridal shower (dal-gi). The couple may also exchange wedding gifts such as traditional wedding ducks (mandarin ducks) or wooden geese (magpie), which symbolize fidelity and happiness.

Wedding ceremony:

The wedding ceremony itself usually takes place in a wedding hall or hotel ballroom, and is often a grand affair. The bride typically wears a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress, while the groom wears a traditional Korean suit (hanbok) or a Western-style tuxedo. The wedding ceremony is officiated by a wedding master (kuk-jae), who presides over the various rituals and blessings.

The ceremony may include a procession of the couple and their families, with the bride's family walking down the aisle first, followed by the groom's family. The couple may then perform a series of traditional rituals, such as the paebaek, where they bow to their parents and offer them a cup of wine, or the kireogi, where the groom carries his bride on his back.

After the rituals, the couple exchange vows and rings, and may perform a unity ritual such as lighting candles together. The ceremony typically concludes with the couple bowing to each other and to their parents, and receiving blessings from the wedding master and guests.

Post-wedding celebrations:

After the ceremony, the couple and their guests usually enjoy a lavish reception with food, drinks, and entertainment. Traditional Korean dishes such as bulgogi (marinated beef) and kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage) are often served alongside Western-style dishes.

The couple may also perform a traditional Korean dance or song, or have a Korean drum performance. Throughout the reception, the couple will receive congratulations and well wishes from their guests, and may participate in various games or activities.


Overall, a Korean wedding is a blend of traditional rituals and modern elements, and is a joyous celebration of the couple's union and family ties