Wedding Lingüerre de Cinca Pirineo Aragones Spain

Wedding in Lingüerre de Cinca


Cesar and Noelia's wedding was a lot of fun but also very emotional.

The groom Cesar in Gran Canaria but left his native land for love.
Together they live in Zaragoza.

Linguerre de Cinca is The village is surrounded by the lake of El Grado, a place surrounded by mountains from Pirineo Aragones and has been chosen by Vogue magazine as one of the 20 most beautiful places to get married in Spain.

Vogue is one of the most prestigious fashion and trend magazines in the world.
They wanted something special for their wedding day, so they decided to rent a whole village, yes, a whole village.

The village was closed to them and the people's houses were the guests' lodgings.

Together they spent an unbeatable weekend together, on Friday, Ibiza's feast day. On Saturday the wedding, and to finish the Sunday eating all together a great Paella. "Beautiful days in Spain"

But the funniest part was seeing the bride in her beautiful dress on a mechanical bull.

Here's a little summary.


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