Best wedding Photographers of the World- ISPWP Spring 2016

Best Wedding Photogrpahers of the World


We are very excited and very happy to announce you we reached the ISPWP 2016

(International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers)

Best Wedding Photographers of the World

 Top 1 Spring 2016

                                               Seven of my pictures which I really love placed in the Top 1.

When we were told that we had achieved this, we couldn't believe it.
We have worked very hard and as they say, hard work has its rewards.

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is a rarity among wedding photography organizations.
Their requirements are experience, talent and professionalism.



 Congratulations to all my friends who reached the top 20 and to all the winners! 




Awards IspwpAwards Ispwp


Best wedding photographers of the world and preparing for professional methods and interesting organizations as well. Mostly here I have found the great resume reviews and effective writing info.
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