Photo Wedding Stories Greece

Photo Wedding Stories Greece


We are very happy to announce you reached in "Photo Wedding Stories" International 

PWS (photo wedding stories) is a world wide photography community established in 2009.

Based in Thessaloniki Greece still organized events like seminars workshops and conventions all over Europe

like Italy, Portugal, Romania, Cyprus and Turkey.

These are our 11 last winner awards in March 2017, We have 2ºPlace overall in Wedding Same Day

and  3º Place overall in Wedding non wedding day.

It's an honor to receive these awards.

We want to thanks all couple who trust us,

Thank you so much!!!


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Australian Writings(non-registered)
These photos have remembered me the old era when folks used to celebrate their wedding on such places. That was a very good time but I reckon, that we are more lucky to have a good life in this era when we can enjoy weddings more than the past people.
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Inspiring Images
Jon Brook(non-registered)
Beautiful and Awesome!!!
Brilliant Images !!
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